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9 Piece Strymian Thieves Guild Set

  • Strymian Thieves Guild includes 9 Miniatures to lead in any fantasy army. Each miniature features a great amount of detail for Dungeon-crawling, RPGs and table top war games
  • Miniatures included in this set: Kitsune Assassin , Elf Infiltrator , Elf Thief, Elf Monk , Kitsune Swordsman , Coil of Rope, Thieves Tools, and Key Ring Accessories, Pixie Fighter , Pixie Thief and Pixie Wizard
  • Each miniature includes a slotted round plastic base
  • The pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples
  • These high quality miniatures are made of 100%, lead free pewter, and come unassembled and unpainted. Some filing may be needed to clean up excess flashing, or sprue.

Strymian Thieves Guild

Strymian Thieves Guild Adventures Kit includes 9 miniatures to lead in any fantasy army. Made of 100% lead free pewter. Each miniature (excluding accessory miniatures) includes a slotted plastic base.
Included in this set:

  • Elf Infiltrator, 30mm tall - Can be used as a Assassin, Rogue, Thief, Duskblade, Spy. Equipped with turban, dual daggers, chain mail, amulet, light armor & shoulder caulders.
  • Elf Monk, 35mm tall - Can be used as a Monk, Martial Arts Expert, Sage. This Elf Monk is equipped with spirit beads, arm & leg wrappings.
  • Elf Thief, 40mm tall - Can be used as a Rogue, Swashbuckler, Thief, Striker, Assassin, Pick Pocket. Equipped with duplicate dual bladed knives, ornate bracers, shoulder caulders, greaves, chain mail under armor, and long hair.
  • Kitsune Assassin, 28mm tall - Can be used as a Hunter, Fighter, Assassin, Warrior, Rouge, Thief, Spy. Equipped with a cloth armor, Shin guards, Bracers Bushy fox tail, and Dual claws.
  • Kitsune Swordsman, 32mm tall - Can be used as a Fighter, Investigator, Shifter, Samurai, Soldier, Warrior. Equipped with katana, cape, light armor, and large belt buckle.
  • Pixie Fighter, 23mm tall - Can be used as a Fairy, Pixie, Warrior, Fighter, Paladin. Equipped with a heavy armor, chain mail, large axe, and wings.
  • Pixie Thief, 17mm tall - Can be used as a Fairy, Pixie, Thief, Rogue, Spell blade. Equipped with daggers, light armor, and wings.
  • Pixie Wizard, 15mm tall - Can be used as a Fairy, Pixie, Mage, Wizard, Caster. Equipped with a robe, wizard hat, wand, and a set of wings.
  • Coil of Rope, Thieves Tools & Key Ring Accessories - Can be used as Gear, Thieves Tools, and Craftsman's Supplies for dungeon crafting. Includes a coil of rope (10mm wide), a pack of thieves tools (10mm long) and a keyring (11mm long). No base included.