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SALE! Buy one mini, get one 50% off!
SALE! Buy one mini, get one 50% off!

369 Piece Ultimate Stonehaven Miniatures Set

Sold out

This is it. The complete set.

You want to jump start your collection and just get one of every single mini Stonehaven offers? This is the way to do that.

As of 12/1/18, this set offers 369 minis. This is the full list. Please contact us if you want any more info. But basically, if it's a pewter mini on the site, it's included. Note, the picture doesn't show every mini included.

Full retail price of set is >$4000

Full list as of 12/1/18:

Dwarf Anti Paladin
Dwarf Baby
Dwarf Bard
Dwarf Berserker
Dwarf Blacksmith
Dwarf Boy
Dwarf Brewmaster
Dwarf Cleric
Dwarf Druid
Dwarf Fallen King
Dwarf Fighter
Dwarf Girl
Dwarf Highwayman
Dwarf Hunter
Dwarf Mage
Dwarf Mechanist
Dwarf Miner
Dwarf Monk
Dwarf Paladin
Dwarf Rogue
Dwarf Unconscious
Dwarf Undead
Dwarf Witch
Dwarven Objective Marker
Elf Archer
Elf Baby
Elf Baker
Elf Bard
Elf Boy
Elf Ceremonial Guard
Elf Cleric
Elf Death Knight
Elf Destroyer
Elf Druid
Elf Foot Soldier
Elf Fortune Teller
Elf Girl
Elf Grand Marshall
Elf Grand Marshall Mounted
Elf Ice Queen
Elf Illusionist
Elf Infiltrator
Elf Librarian
Elf Longsword
Elf Mage
Elf Monk
Elf Objective Marker
Elf Patriarch
Elf Pilot
Elf Pilot Mounted
Elf Raider
Elf Ranger
Elf Rogue
Elf Scout
Elf Sniper
Elf Sorcerer
Elf Spearman
Elf Swan Magus
Elf Thief
Elf Unconscious
Elf Undead Mage
Elf Warrior
Elf Weapons Master
Elf Wizard
Elf Wizard Mounted
Female Halfling Fighter
Female Halfling Soldier with Sling
Flaming Undead Unicorn
Giant Slingshot
Gnome Archer
Gnome Aristocrat
Gnome Artificer
Gnome Assassin
Gnome Baby
Gnome Bard
Gnome Boy
Gnome Brawler
Gnome Chef
Gnome Cleric
Gnome Deathkinght
Gnome Demolitions Expert
Gnome Druid
Gnome Gardener
Gnome Girl
Gnome Hoplite
Gnome Illusionist
Gnome Knight Mounted
Gnome Knight on Foot
Gnome Long Gunner Female
Gnome Long Gunner Male
Gnome Mad Scientist
Gnome Monk
Gnome Objective Marker
Gnome Paladin
Gnome Pirate
Gnome Ranger
Gnome Scholar
Gnome Scout
Gnome Scout Mounted
Gnome Shrouded Figure
Gnome Skeleton
Gnome Thief
Gnome Tinker
Gnome Unconscious
Gnome Undead
Gnome Viking
Gnome Warrior
Gnome Wizard Female
Gnome Wizard Male
Gremlin Raider
Gremlin Raider Mounted
Gremlin Shooter
Gremlin Stranger
Gremlin Striker
Gremlin Swordsman
Grippli Archer
Grippli Herald
Grippli Knight Mounted on Cat
Grippli Knight Mounted on Pig
Grippli Leader
Grippli Pickpocket
Grippli Potion Maker
Grippli Spearman
Grippli Spearman on Dragonfly Mount
Grippli Warrior
Grippli Witch Doctor
Grippli Wizard
Hafling Boy
Hafling Girl
Half-Dragon Duelist
Half-Dragon Rogue
Halfling Apprentice
Halfling Baby
Halfling Barbarian
Halfling Barbarian on Raptor Mount
Halfling Bard
Halfling Barkeeper
Halfling Berserker
Halfling Berserker on Boar Mount
Halfling Boar Mount
Halfling Cleric
Halfling Commander on Foot
Halfling Commander on Ram Mount
Halfling Cook
Halfling Death Knight
Halfling Digger
Halfling Druid
Halfling Farmer
Halfling Fife Player
Halfling Gardener
Halfling General
Halfling Honey Mage
Halfling Inn Patron
Halfling Innkeeper
Halfling Linksman
Halfling Mage
Halfling Maiden Mounted on Undead Unicorn
Halfling Paladin
Halfling Potion Maker
Halfling Psion
Halfling Ranger
Halfling Rat Catcher
Halfling Rogue
Halfling Scholar
Halfling Sergeant
Halfling Serving Maid
Halfling Soldier Bannerman
Halfling Soldier Cheering
Halfling Soldier female
Halfling Soldier Male
Halfling Soldier with Beard
Halfling Soldier with Glasses
Halfling Thief
Halfling Tiefling
Halfling Unconscious
Halfling Undead
Halfling Warrior
Halfling Witch
Halfling Wizard
Halfling Wool Merchant Mounted
Half-Lion Druid
Half-Orc Archer
Half-Orc Baby
Half-Orc Barbarian
Half-Orc Bard
Half-Orc Boy
Half-Orc Cleric
Half-Orc Fighter Female
Half-Orc Fighter Male
Half-Orc Girl
Half-Orc Gladiator
Half-Orc Gunslinger
Half-Orc Librarian
Half-Orc Mechanist
Half-Orc Monk
Half-Orc Necromancer
Half-Orc Nobleman
Half-Orc Ranger Female
Half-Orc Ranger Male
Half-Orc Spellblade
Half-Orc Strongarm
Half-Orc Thief
Half-Orc Unconscious
Half-Orc Undead
Half-Orc Warrior
Hengeyokai Farmer
Hengeyokai Lady
Hengeyokai Messenger
Hengeyokai Songbird
Kitsune Assassin
Kitsune Swordsman
Kobold Magelord
Male Halfling Fighter
Male Halfling Soldier with Sling
Pixie Fighter
Pixie Mage
Pixie Thief
Pixie Wizard
Scrap Bot
Second Breakfast
Short Pony
Shrouded Figure on Bat Mount
Stray Dog
Tengu Assassin
Tengu Mage
Tengu Samurai
Tiny Pig w/ Saddle
Treasure Chest
Halfling Archer
Grand Marshall Rider
Elf Pilot Rider
Elf Wizard Rider
Gnome Knight Rider
Gnome Scout Rider
Gremlin Raider Rider
Grippli Knight Rider
Grippli Spearman Rider
Halfling Berserker Rider
Halfling Barbarian Rider
Halfling Commander
Halfling Maiden Rider
Halfling Wool Merchant Rider
Gnome Shrouded Figure
Axe, Sword, and Large Hammer
Shield and Pack of Gear
Canary, Crossbow, and Throwing Hammer
Bag, Treasure Chest, and Book
Bottle, Cauldron, and Tankard
Draped Boar
Helmet, Buckler, and Sword
Strongbox, Dynamite Bundles, and Key
Statue of Cthulhu, Lantern, and Candle
Harp, Battle Horn, and Maracas
Trumpet, Kazoo, Ocarina, and Harmonica
Xylophone and Drumsticks
Steel Bear Trap, Skulls, and Pile of Vials, Scrolls and Books
Elf Dinner
Coil of Rope, Thieves Tools and Key Ring
Relic Accessories
Longbottom Leaf Pipes, and Hairy Halfling Feet
Halfling Sword and Buckler
Fireworks and Pile of Vegetables
Gnome Wizard Male Rider
Human Mage Female
Human Paladin Female
Dwarf Cannoneer with No Beard
Tengu Shogun
Dwarf Ronin
Halfling Samurai Female
Gnome Duskblade
Half-Orc Warlord
Kitsune Fighter
Human Monk
Grippli Sumo
Grippli Barbarian
Grippli Ambassador
Grippli Mahout
Rust Beast
Pixie Messenger
Gryphon Chick
Gremlin Forgeworker
Modron Paladin
Le Flea
Enting Sprout
Kobold Bard
Gnome Titan Pilot
Human Wizard Male
Minotaur Fighter Male
Half-Dragon Spellblade Male
Half-Orc Cloaked
Dwarf Cannoneer with No Mustache
Dwarf Cloaked
Human Cloaked
Dwarf Cannoneer with Full Beard
Large Fox
Human Knight Female
Human Hireling Male
Human Squire Female
Mace and Mimic
Grippli Cloaked
Grippli Rogue
Halfling Cloaked
Clockwork Horse
Kobold Rogue
Male Dwarven Wizard
Female Human Elementalist
Human Lore-Master Male
Male Human Guardsman
Female Human Apprentice
Male Grippli Mage
Male Human Ranger
Male Goblin Archer
Female Human Sorcerer
Female Grippli Druid
Male Human Adept
Male Kobold Monk
Male Human Berserker
Male Owlfolk Wizard
Female Half-Elf Monk
Female Human Thief
Female Half-Elf Witch
Another Ferret
Male Owlfolk Rogue
Male Kobold Fighter
Male Dwarf Ranger
Mechanical Berserker
Female Owlfolk Fighter
Mechanical Wizard
Female Half-Elf Cleric
Male Kobold Warrior
Male Dwarven Tiefling
Owlfolk Child Mechanist
Male Mounted Dwarven Brewmaster
Yak Mount
Male Dwarven Musician
Male Grippli Undead