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Flameheart's Valor Company Stonehaven Miniatures Set - 5 Humans 30mm RPG DND

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  • Lead-Free Pewter Perfection: Crafted with precision from premium lead-free pewter for enduring quality, ensuring a captivating gaming experience.
  • Bases Included, Personalize Your Display: Each figure comes with a base, though minor adjustments may be needed for the perfect fit, allowing you to customize their presentation. Base sizes may vary.
  • Unpainted and Unassembled Freedom: Unleash your creativity! These miniatures arrive unpainted and unassembled, providing a blank canvas for your artistic expression. Cleanup for a flawless finish may be required.
  • USA-Made Craftsmanship: Designed and manufactured in the USA, Flameheart's Valor Company reflects our commitment to local craftsmanship and high-quality standards.
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 14: Elevate your tabletop adventures with Flameheart's Valor Company - Order now for an unforgettable gaming experience!

Flameheart's Valor Company - Unveil the Heroes Within:

  • Garrick Ironhide, the Barbarian:
    • A hulking force of nature, Garrick wields a mighty axe and taps into primal rage, becoming an unstoppable whirlwind on the battlefield.
    • With a rugged exterior and an indomitable spirit, he stands as the frontline protector of Flameheart's Valor.
  • Aurelia Stormweaver, the Wizard:
    • Aurelia is a master of arcane arts, casting spells that bend reality and reshape the battlefield to her advantage.
    • Clad in ancient robes, she embodies the essence of Flameheart's magical prowess.
  • Eldritch Flamebearer, the Sorcerer:
    • Harnessing raw magic, Eldritch channels arcane power through bloodlines, unleashing destructive spells with an innate, captivating flair.
    • With eyes aglow with sorcerous energy, Eldritch is the enigmatic spellcaster of Flameheart's Valor.
  • Sigmund Moonwhisper, the Bard:
    • Armed with a melodic lute and a voice that weaves tales of inspiration, Sigmund supports the party with a symphony of magical melodies.
    • A charismatic storyteller, Sigmund uplifts Flameheart's Valor with his words, turning the tides of battle with every note.
  • Seraphina Lightbringer, the Paladin:
    • Seraphina, a beacon of divine radiance, wields a radiant Pathfinder and stands as the unwavering symbol of justice and righteousness.
    • Clad in gleaming armor, she leads Flameheart's Valor with honor and protects her comrades with unwavering devotion.