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30mm Wardens of the Celestial Citadel Dwarf Stonehaven Miniatures - For DnD

  • Dynamic Dwarf Set: Elevate your tabletop adventures with 5 unique 30mm heroic scale dwarf miniatures – berserker, fighter, warlord, paladin, and cleric.
  • Craftsmanship & Safety: Precision-crafted in the USA from lead-free pewter, these miniatures are unpainted and unassembled. Some cleanup required. Choking hazard: Not for children under 14.
  • Versatile Bases: Each miniature comes with a base, though not perfectly fitted. Customize your display by easily incorporating these figurines into various terrain settings for a more immersive gaming atmosphere.
  • Unpainted and Unassembled: Exercise your artistic flair by painting and assembling these miniatures to suit your unique gaming style. Expect some cleanup for excess flashing and sprue material, allowing for a personalized touch to your collection.
  • Quality Assurance: Trust in American design and manufacturing. The Wardens of the Celestial Citadel embody superior craftsmanship for an immersive gaming experience.

Wardens of the Celestial Citadel

  • Berserker - Thrain Ironheart: The embodiment of raw fury, Thrain is a force of chaos in battle, wielding a massive two-handed axe that cleaves through enemies with unmatched ferocity.
  • Fighter - Seraphina Stormblade: A master of both blade and tactics, Seraphina is a skilled warrior with a keen strategic mind. Her precision strikes and agile maneuvers make her a formidable presence on the battlefield.
  • Warlord - Voss Blackthorn: Voss commands with authority, leading the party with tactical brilliance. Clad in imposing armor, he inspires allies and strikes fear into the hearts of foes, earning respect on and off the battlefield.
  • Paladin - Isolde Sunsworn: Isolde is a beacon of virtue, wielding a blessed sword that radiates with divine energy. Her unwavering commitment to justice and protection makes her a steadfast defender of the party and their ideals.
  • Cleric - Elgrin Silverlight: Elgrin is a healer and spiritual guide, channeling the power of the divine to mend wounds and banish darkness. His serene presence and radiant aura bring hope to the Wardens, ensuring they endure even the darkest trials.