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Essential Starter Familiars Stonehaven Miniatures Set for DnD - Perfect for RPGs

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  • Lead-Free Pewter Construction: Crafted with high-quality, lead-free pewter to ensure durability and safety for your tabletop gaming adventures.
  • Bases Included (Minor Adjustments Needed): Each miniature comes with a base, but note that a little customization may be required as the base tab may not perfectly fit – easily adapted for a personalized touch.
  • Unpainted and Unassembled: Embrace the creative process with miniatures ready for your artistic touch. Unpainted and unassembled, these figures offer a blank canvas for customization.
  • Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA: Supporting local craftsmanship, these miniatures are designed and manufactured in the USA, meeting high-quality standards.
  • Choking Hazard Warning (Not Suitable for Children Under 14): Exercise caution, as these miniatures are small and may pose a choking hazard. Ideal for adult tabletop gamers, not intended for children under the age of 14.

Essential Starter Familiars Party

  • Badger: Meet Bramble, the sturdy badger with a heart of courage. Known for loyalty and tenacity, Bramble is a reliable companion, ready to dig into any adventure.
  • Corgi: Introducing Winston, the spirited corgi with boundless energy. Despite his small stature, Winston brings an infectious enthusiasm to the party, charming everyone with his playful antics.
  • Cat: Say hello to Whisker, the mysterious and agile cat. With a keen sense of curiosity, Whisker prowls the shadows, making her an excellent scout and a captivating addition to the group.
  • Owl: Meet Luna, the wise and observant owl with keen eyes that pierce through the darkness. Luna serves as the party's watchful guardian, offering valuable insights and guidance when needed.
  • Ferret: Enter Fidget, the mischievous ferret with a knack for exploration. Fidget's quick reflexes and insatiable curiosity make him the perfect companion for uncovering hidden treasures and secrets.

Embark on your tabletop RPG journey with the Essential Starter Familiars Party – a diverse group of characters, each bringing a unique personality and skill set to enhance your gaming experience!