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Heroes of Hobhaven: 5 Halfling Stonehaven Miniatures Set for DND 30mm Scale

  • Lead-Free Pewter Magic: Crafted from premium lead-free pewter for exceptional quality and durability, ensuring a captivating gaming experience.
  • Bases Included, Customization Awaits: Each miniature comes with a base, though a bit of tinkering may be required to perfectly align with the base tab - an excellent canvas for your personal touch. Base sizes may vary.
  • Unpainted and Unassembled: Unleash your creativity! These miniatures arrive unpainted and unassembled, providing a blank slate for your artistic vision and customization. These small parts are a choking hazard and not suitable for children under 14.
  • Cleanup for Flawless Glory: A touch of hands-on care required - clean up excess flashing and sprue material to reveal the full glory of these meticulously detailed figures.
  • Proudly USA-Made: Support local craftsmanship! Designed and manufactured in the USA, these miniatures reflect our commitment to quality and excellence.

Embark on epic quests with the Heroes of Hobhaven, a dynamic set of 5 Halfling adventurers ready for tabletop glory.
Meet the resilient Halfling Fighter, the raging Halfling Barbarian, the cunning Halfling Rogue, the melodious Halfling Bard, and the nature-loving Halfling Druid. Each figure brings its unique charm and prowess, adding depth to your gaming experience. Crafted for 30mm heroic scale games like DND and Pathfinder, these miniatures boast intricate details, lead-free pewter craftsmanship, and the opportunity for personalized painting. Unleash the power of Hobhaven and redefine your tabletop adventures! These miniatures arrive unpainted and unassembled, inviting you to infuse your artistic touch into their already captivating stories.