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Axe and Ale Alliance - 5 Dwarven Stonehaven Miniature Set 30mm Scale RPG Games

  • Made of Lead-Free Pewter: Ensures high-quality, safe, and durable miniatures.
  • Unpainted and Unassembled: Customize your miniatures with your preferred colors and styles.Some excess flashing and sprue material may be present.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA: Support local craftsmanship with our homegrown miniatures.
  • Unpainted and Unassembled: Unleash your creativity by customizing these minis and showcase your artistic flair on the gaming table. Each miniature comes with a base. Modification may be needed for a perfect fit for the base tab. Base sizes may vary.
  • Choking hazard - Not suitable for Children 14 and under

30mm Heroic Scale Dwarven Miniature Figurine Set
Perfect for enhancing your tabletop gaming experience! Crafted with precision and loaded with character, these lead-free pewter miniatures bring to life five distinct dwarven heroes, each ready for epic adventures in Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy, Pathfinder, and more. Unleash the power of these unique characters in your next campaign and watch them become legends!

Key Features:

  • Dwarven Druid: Harness the forces of nature with this wise and mystical dwarf.
  • Dwarven Brewmaster: Brew potions and wield keg-forged might on the battlefield.
  • Dwarven Ranger: Expert marksman and master of the wilderness, perfect for long-range support.
  • Dwarven Monk: Swift and disciplined, this monk excels in close-quarter combat.
  • Dwarven Bard: Enchant your party with musical prowess and inspire greatness in battle.