Stonehaven Bearded Dwarf Cannoneer Miniature Figure for 28mm Table Top Wargames - Made in USA

Dwarf Cannoneer with Full Beard

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Beard and Mustache joined the Monks of Boom out of a pure love of explosive alchemy. They say he makes gunpowder so pure that Moradin weeps for joy whenever it explodes. The 22mm tall (18mm from feet to eyes) Dwarf Cannoneer with Full Beard could be used as a mechanist, bombardier, artificer, artillery, irondrake, or gunner. This dwarf is equipped with cannon, ammo pouch, and bandoleer. 25mm base included.


This mini is part of the current Stonehaven Adventurers 2017 Kickstarter, and will be available for sale at a later date. Click the image below to check it out!