Stonehaven Cloaked Half-Orc Miniature Figure for 28mm Table Top Wargames - Made in USA

Half-Orc Cloaked

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I mean, you know it's something big under there, but you still don't know what. Could be an orc, a half-dragon, or a goliath. Better to simply stay out of its way. This 35mm tall (30mm from feet to eyes) Half-Orc Cloaked could be used as a Goaliath, Half-Orc, Half-Dragon, Ghost, or 2 Dwarves stacked on top of each other. 25mm base included.


This mini is part of the current Stonehaven Adventurers 2017 Kickstarter, and will be available for sale at a later date. Click the image below to check it out!