Coil of Rope, Thieves Tools and Key Ring

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  • Includes 3 small pewter parts attached to a tab. Designed to enhance your tabletop role-playing and battle games. Includes a coil of rope (10mm wide), a pack of thieves tools (10mm long) and a keyring (11mm long).
  • Miniature parts could be used as gear, thieves tools, and craftsman's supplies for dungeon crafting, to represent rewards and objectives to players of tabletop rpgs, or to modify miniatures to add additional equipment/gear.
  • No base included. Parts are made of 100% lead free pewter.
  • The pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.
  • Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted, some filing may be needed to clean up excess flashing, or sprue. Choking hazard – not suitable for children 10 and under.

Please note, some base tabs on the miniature may not fit perfectly to the base. To resolve this, you can simply bend the base tab into a shallow “V” so it touches each side of the base slot. Then drip a small amount of superglue onto each point that the tab contacts to the base. To cover the open areas of the base slot, you can glue in small pieces of construction paper over them. To give the base a more natural look, you can spread craft glue over the whole base and dip in in some dirt or sand from your yard for a gravel texture.