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Wooden Planks Base, 65mm for Miniatures, D&D, and Warhammer

  • Scenic base featuring wooden plank details.
  • This 65mm diameter base has a great amount of detail for Dungeon-crawling, RPGs and table top war games.
  • This base is designed to have a miniature attached to it. Miniature is not included.
  • Made of 100% urethane resin
  • Details of this piece are hand carved and then cast in resin

Wooden Planks, 65mm (2.5") diameter
Bring your Dungeon-crawling, RPGs and table top war game elements to life with a miniature base featuring realistic details and lifelike textures. The 65mm (2.5") size base is perfect for larger miniature and giants (sold separately). This base features an unpainted surface texture of wooden planks. Ready to be painted and customized for your indoor or outdoor game scenes. Each base design was hand carved by Stonehaven creator Mike Evans, and then cast in 100% urethane resin.